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Effective April 15, 2019, all competitors wishing to register online for competitions via o2cm,
will be required to have a Registrant Identification Number (RIN) – please refer to O2CM RIN Notice attached

O2CM RIN Notice



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To register offline, the  IFB 2022 Amateur Entry Form   is available to print and mail, or email


Amateur Competitors

Entry Fee: $20 per couple for the first event / $10 per couple for each additional event thereafter. No entry fee required for Junior or Juvenile competitors.

Entry fees may be mailed to Island Fantasy Ball, 5901 Mahoun Pl, Nanaimo, BC, V9T 5N3. For inquiries phone Sarah at 778-387-0337

Please make cheques payable to Island Fantasy Ball, please remember to include the names of the couple. All outstanding entry fees will be collected

at time of check-in at the competition. Payment shall be by cheque or cash only. There is no refund for entry fees.

There will be a $5 refundable deposit for competition numbers. Please have $5 cash ready when registering at the competition.

Late entries will be accepted only at the organizers’ discretion and are subject to a late entry fee of $20. Events with less than three entries may be cancelled at the discretion of the organizers.

All competitors must purchase in advance a full day admission ticket for the day of their event; which is a Session 2 ticket for Saturday and a Session 3 ticket for Sunday. Admission tickets are not refundable. Tickets may be purchased online at

All competitors (and, if under 19 years of age, their parents or their legal guardians) must sign the release on the entry form to be eligible to compete.


Teacher-Student Competitors

Teacher-Student registration is not available online. Please complete the IFB 2022 Teacher-Student Entry Form  and submit it with payment to Island Fantasy Ball,  5901 Mahoun Pl, Nanaimo, BC, V9T 5N3.


Juvenile/Junior Solo Events

Single & Mixed proficiency levels accepted in levels Newcomer through Gold, no entry fee required. Please complete the entry for IFB single and mixed proficiencies entry form final 

and submit as above.


Practice Time

The Auditorium will be available from 7-9 pm Friday June 3rd for practice. DJ Brian Hicks will be there to play music for you.