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Note that the start time for Sunday Daytime competitions has been moved to 10:30 AM and doors will now be open at 10:00 AM for general admission. Start times for Saturday Daytime and Evening sessions remain the same.



Preliminary Schedule


Events listed below are not in exact order. 


Saturday Daytime Session – May25, 2019


 9:30 AM      Competitor Registration and Warm-up Area Available

10:00 AM     Doors Open for General Admission

10:30 AM     Competitions Begin

                      Senior II & III Standard BC Closed Championships

                      Senior II Standard Newcomer to Pre-Champ

                      Senior IV Standard Newcomer to Championship

                      U21 Standard Newcomer to Pre-Champ

                      Teacher/Student & Student/Student Standard/Smooth Solo

                      Teacher/Student Standard & Smooth Single Dance Newcomers to Gold Open

                      Teacher/Student Standard & Smooth Multi-Dance Newcomers to Gold Open

                      Teacher/Student Standard/Smooth Open Single Dance

                      Senior II Latin Newcomer to Championship

                      Senior IV Latin Newcomer to Championship

                      U21 Latin Newcomer to Pre-Champ

3:30 PM      End of Saturday Day Session


Saturday Evening Session – May 25, 2019


4:45 PM       Doors Open for Dinner Ticket Admission

5:30 PM       Sumptuous Gourmet Dinner

6:45 PM       Riser Seating Admission & General Dancing

7:30 PM       Competitions Begin

                      Best Teacher/Student Solo Routines from Day Session

                      Teacher/Student Standard/Smooth Open Multi-Dance

                      Senior I & II Open Standard Championship

                      Adult Standard Silver to Pre-Champ

                      U21 Open Standard Championship

                      General Dancing

                      Senior I Open Latin Championship

                      U21 Open Latin Championship

                      Adult Latin Silver to Pre-Champ

                      Adult International Open Standard Championship

                      Adult International Open Latin Championship

                      Showcase of Champions

11:00 PM    End of Saturday Session


Sunday Daytime Session – May 26, 2019


 9:30 AM    Competitor Registration and Warm-up Area Available

10:00 AM    Doors Open for General Admission

10:30 AM    Competitions Begin

                     Senior III Standard Newcomer to Championship

                     Senior I Standard Newcomer to Pre-Champ

                     Juvenile Standard Newcomer to Championship

                     Junior Standard Newcomer to Championship

                     Adult Standard Newcomer to Bronze

                     Teacher/Student & Student/Student Latin/Rhythm Solo

                     Teacher/Student Latin Group & Multi-Dance

                     Senior I Latin Newcomer to Pre-Champ

                     Juvenile Latin Newcomer to Championship

                     Junior Latin Newcomer to Championship

                     Senior III Latin Newcomer to Championship

                     Adult Latin Newcomer to Bronze

                     Adult & Senior I BC Closed Standard Championships

                     Adult & Senior I BC Closed Latin Championships

                     Showcase of Champions

4:30 PM      Conclusion of 2019 Island Fantasy Ball




The Beban Auditorium will be available for practice from 7pm to 9pm on Friday May 24th.

We will have a DJ providing music.